Vstupný test

  1. Are you answering a question?
  2. Are you sitting on the floor?
  3. Eight plus twenty-two equals thirteen. Is that right?
  4. Is the letter "A" the last letter of the alphabet?
  5. Do we use the word "any" in interrogative sentences?
  6. Are there a hundred chairs in your room?
  7. Is it right you're Mr. Brown?
  8. Is the letter "B" a consonant?
  9. Is Athens the capital of Greece?
  10. Is this a question?
  11. They has two hands.
  12. There are any books on the floor.
  13. The chair is in front of them.
  14. The plural of woman is women.
  15. I am neither English or French, but I am Slovak
  16. I have one head and two feets.
  17. Are you closing the window?
  18. This chair isn't tall but it's low.
  19. I have one thumb on my hand.
  20. The table is in front of _______.
  21. I'm taking the pen _______ the table.
  22. Is _______ standing on the floor?
  23. There _______ five pictures on these walls.
  24. Where are those ______ standing?
  25. They're sitting behind _______.
  26. This isn't my dress, but it's _______ dress.
  27. I'm putting the box ______ her.